Going Ahead

by Rafael Pacha

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Progressive is the word. No Folk Music. A step beyond


released January 6, 2009

A/ Fanfarria:
Self-circulation with 8 electric guitars, and an e-bow

B/ Bipolar Disorder:
Song composed with Alicia Pacha as an style exercise of common musicals points of wiev.
Alicia Pacha: Lirics and voice.
Rafael Pacha: Composition, bass,Drums and electric guitars.

C/ Airdance:
The wind moves all, even our feelings, and the sounds.
Rafael Pacha: Composition, acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums.

D/ Autotrofia:
The lifeform less agresive is the autotrophic It feeds from inorganic elements and transform them in organic
It is independen tan unintencionally altruist.
Rafael Pacha: Composition, acoustic and electric guitars, bass , sinthesizers and drums

E/ Cirkus
Traditional cirkus always made me feel in an ambiguous form. It could bring joy, illusion, but fear may appear when you look inside…
Rafael Pacha: Composition, acoustic and electric guitars, bass , sinthesizers and drums

F/ Cantos de Hyperión.
Composition based on the book of same name by Dan Simmons. It is a pilgrimage where everyone tells his history.
Rafael Pacha: Composition, acoustic and electric guitars, electric violin, bass , sinthesizers and drums

G/ In the presence:
In the presence of “The man who covets”, Lord of the Flies, the crimson King, prince of demons, finally redeemed by God in the myth writted byAnte la presencia del “hombre que ambiciona”, señor de las moscas, el rey carmesí, príncipe de los demonios, finally redeemed by God in the myth written by a certain carpet seller.
Rafael Pacha: Composition, acoustic and electric guitars, bass , sinthesizers and drums

H/ Self Search
Loop of guitars that finally become to be a self search.
Rafael Pacha: Composition, loop machines, electric guitar.

I/ Humpty-Dumpty.
The image of an egg sitting on a fence, rolling, and when they fall pour everything in it and no one can avoid it, it reminds me what happened and exemplified by international markets and its game with the "Sub-prime."
Rafael Pacha: Composition, electric guitars, bass , sinthesizers and drums

J/ Out there, the Lord of Pain.
The disturbing presence of the Shrike, the lord of pain, character of Dan Simmons's "Songs of Hyperion" and "Endymion" Rafael Pacha: Composition, Drums, bass, electric guitars, electric sarangi, Sinthesizers.

K/ When She comes.
It is the struggle by the presence of inspiration in the events of our lives.
For this presence, which at first guess, and we look forward to a repeat of this phenomenon, we need self-discipline and maintain our position as a room clean and tidy
Rafael Pacha:Composition,Lirics, voice Drums, bass, electric guitars, sinthesizers

Composed, recorded and mixed in a home studio between years 2007 and 2009 All the drums and sinthesizers are software.

This album is a risk taken consciously, and this risk has been since It began to take shape, the intention and the challenge.
It also consists of a lot of self-analysis and search for inspiration outside of my usual channels, regardless of outside opinion, except for the Inma and Alicia, which as always, I owe everything.



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Rafael Pacha Córdoba, Spain

Cosecha del 61, con mas de 30 años dedicado a esto de la música. He trabajado en los estilos que me han gustado,
en los que me han interesado y he efectuado algunas colaboraciones (Javier Paxariño, Alain Piñero, Manoel Macía,
Jose María de la Rosa...), pero siempre bajo la premisa de que lo que compongo guarde el máximo
respeto por la Música (sí, con M grande...).
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